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Howdy there partner!

My name is Todd Munro and I run web development.¬† is a project that I offer free of charge to clients, friends, family and complete strangers that I meet at parties. ūüėČ is a Multi-User WordPress site using a similar set up as

When signing up for a site you will have your own unique subdomain. An example would be This can be masked with your own domain at a later date once you are happy with your website results.

I have purchased over 100 (and counting) premium template themes  and some paid plug-ins to be used by you free of charge.  The hosting of this site is also provided free of charge.  You just need to search through the themes select one and add photos and text. is meant for persons who have the knowledge or are willing to learn the knowledge of setting up their own blog or website.  The advantage is that all the WordPress  and plugin updates are taken care of by me. If you do need help, check out the tutorial section or I can provide assistance personally for a small fee.

What makes this project great is you! So get blogging and bring your unique talent to the partnership!

Email me, Todd Munro at for any questions or instruction on how to get a blog.

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