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Archive for May 2012

May 24st 2012,
Translation Plugin WPML.
Hello there! The WPML translation plugin has been updated to latest version 2.4.3 and has a few new features and has changed some of the old ones. Please activate the string translation plugin this will correct 90 if not 100% of any problems you may have. I have done it for most of you but may have missed someone. (I still love you though.)

You can also now use the Multilanguage text widget and choose the language you wish it to display instead of the string translation. But the best new feature is your images can be translated now . Activate the media translation plugin and you can translate your images in your media manger. Captions descriptions etc. Enjoy the update and if you need help or questions about the WPML update just contact me at

I am also looking into updating WordPress to 3.3 soon and will also be making a screencast on how you can use for your clients and rebrand it as your own!

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