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WordCamp 2012

Some news to impart – WordCamp Montreal 2012 is coming up on August 17th and 18th.

This is a great opportunity to learn all about WordPress, meet top industry personalities, bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the web. It’s at the UQAM Coeur des Science and this year is bound to be the biggest yet so register now. I’ll be there!

For those looking to figure out Nimblize’s latest update or for some lite reading a 100 page editors guide for the the 3.4.1 version of WordPress is available for download.

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May 24st 2012,
Translation Plugin WPML.
Hello there! The WPML translation plugin has been updated to latest version 2.4.3 and has a few new features and has changed some of the old ones. Please activate the string translation plugin this will correct 90 if not 100% of any problems you may have. I have done it for most of you but may have missed someone. (I still love you though.)

You can also now use the Multilanguage text widget and choose the language you wish it to display instead of the string translation. But the best new feature is your images can be translated now . Activate the media translation plugin and you can translate your images in your media manger. Captions descriptions etc. Enjoy the update and if you need help or questions about the WPML update just contact me at

I am also looking into updating WordPress to 3.3 soon and will also be making a screencast on how you can use for your clients and rebrand it as your own!

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Nimblize has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve.

Marketpress can be made available to Nimblize users. Just fill out the request form Marketpress will turn any theme into a full-featured shopping extravaganza. Complete with tax rates, shipping fees and product inventory. This plugin is not for the faint of heart.

But Remember a simple plugin is always available WP eStore and there are some dedicated store themes that don’t even require a plugin.

20 more themes have also just been added. My personal favorite is My Daily Journal.

Remember to follow the Nimbize blog and video tutorials for help or just get rid of this message by clicking on Screen Options over there on your top right.

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Nimblize has been updated to the latest and greatest WordPress version 3.2. You will notice many changes including the look of the Dashboard and a new Admin bar at the top of you site. (This is only visible by you) You can turn it off under Your Profile. Just uncheck the boxes beside “Show Admin Bar”. If the update didn’t go well for you just email support@nimblize and your problem will be corrected pronto.  Enjoy!

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The look of Nimblize has changed over the last week.

New Help Videos have been added.

As well as over 100 new themes to choose from.

Nimblize has a launch date of May 15, starting with an email campaign. So keep an eye on your mailboxes and I look forward to bringing you more exciting news.

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Take a look at you will see a donation banner for Japan. You can Activate the same Plugin as well to show your support. Go to Plugins and activate the WordPress Japan RedCross Donations Plugin.

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There are now videos available to help you get the basics down of using WordPress.  Check out videos for the Dashboard, also editing text and working with images and media.

Look under the Tutorials menu to find all these great videos.

Other videos will be added on a regular basis.  Please feel free to make any suggestions for topics.

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