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Your Own Domain

Instructions on how to use your own domain.

Register a domain with Netfirms or any other domain registrar of your choice.

Login to Netfirms click on Domain Central under Domains.

You will see a list of your domains click on the little plus sign next to your domain then choose the blue DNS button

choose nameservers from the list and change the default and to:

You may have to unlock your domain first if it is a .com domain. Just remember to lock it again once you have changed and saved the new nameservers.

During PayPay checkout please type in desired email addresses in the Special instruction box.

Contact with the name or your domain and your desired addresses or  fill in the form during checkout with your desired email addresses (1 or 2) and domain name.

examples: or (replace mydomain with your domain name)

The setup fee is $35 through PayPal.

Choose the second (Pay with credit card) option if you don’t have a Paypal account.


Your email must be set up on your home computer in Outlook, Thunderbird or another email program. Instructions on how to set this up will be sent once the email addresses have been set up and passwords generated.

Nimblize does not store emails on its servers.


There is another option if you wish your emails to be somewhere else.

A-records or A-name Record option

To  just redirect a domain only you will need to add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server:

Just login to you domain manager and select the dns tab. Look for A records and change the ones that have a www , an(asterisk)* or http:// beside them to this server:

Once you do this login to your website and look under Tools > Domain Mapping.

Then put in your domain name (without the www or http://) eg.


Thats it.

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